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We have three villas in Björnrike in the swedish mountain destination Vemdalen. We also own a great Villa at Älgö In Stockholm and an island in the Stockholm Archipalgo. Read more about our villas below. is run by Eco Life Global AB, and we have the vision to offer a unique living environment that creates lifetime memories. We have a strong love for Swedish wildlife, and we make nature experiences a part of our first-class accommodations and conference opportunities.

Our Vision

Eco Life Global AB offers a unique and memorable experience that gives that little extra every day throughout the year. Swedish nature, exclusive materials and sustainability are the core values in our business. 

Our Hostess

We value the local community and offer personalized services. Our hostess and project manager Helén know our houses unlike any other. We want to contribute to local growth and therefore choose to shop locally and protect nature as far as possible.

Our View on Sustainability

We value nature and want to try to contribute in the way we can to protect wildlife and at the same time contribute to the development of the local communities we operate in. Here is a selection of the choices we made:

  • We try to shop locally to support local growth and development.
  • Our houses are built in natural materials as much as possible.
  • We care about buying quality before quantity. Things must be cared for and last long.
  • We only purchase solar-marked electricity to power our properties.
  • We offer electric car charging for our guests.
  • We use as few chemicals as possible and clean our houses with soft soap.

Our Villas

Here at, we from Eco Life Global AB present our comprehensive range of villas that you as a guest have the pleasure to discover with us.


Our two houses in the ski resort Björnrike in the Swedish mountains have been built by us, and we are proud to say that they have the high standard we envisioned. You have a first-class view of the national park and the beautiful landscape from both houses.

Björnrike is located in the mid-west of Sweden, and there are several ways to reach the destination.

The distance Stockholm – Björnrike is 480 km, and with the freeway covering half the distance, the journey is fast and safe: about 6 hours. From Malmö 907 km and Gothenburg 660 km. Bus departs from the City Terminal in Stockholm via Uppsala three days a week.

You reach the destination quickly and easily by plane, both domestically and internationally. For example, fly to one of the two airports, Åre Östersund Airport, with flights directly from Stockholm, Malmö, Gothenburg, London and Copenhagen. Or to Härjedalen Sveg Airport with just a 45-minute transfer by car to Björnrike. For faster transfers from the airports, it is possible to take a helicopter to the villa's helicopter pad.


Our third villa is located on Älgö, a peninsula next to Saltsjöbaden in Nacka municipality in Stockholm's inner archipelago. With 30,000 islands and cobs, Stockholm's archipelago is Sweden's most significant.

Älgö is accessible by car, taxi or rental, 30 minutes from central Stockholm, 40 minutes from Bromma Airport or one hour from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Public transport from Stockholm City is also available all the way out to the villa.

The house's private boat dock also allows arrival by boat.


Utsikt frpn

Villa Design is a unique accommodation that is a place for recreation, creative meetings and nature experiences just outside the door. The villa offers views over the national park and hiking and skiing just around the corner. Welcome to enjoy the Swedish mountains all year round.

This five-floor private villa with flexible accommodation from a 1-bedroom to a 6-bed apartment offers about 28 beds altogether. All guests have access to parking, storage room, gym and ping pong room in the basement.

All visitors have access to a kitchen, and the majority of the house's accommodation options are offered with access to a sauna and relaxation, which are shared or private.

Villa Design offers 16 workspaces, 2 conference rooms, and several discussion rooms on the first floor. You can book a permanent office space or a short visit to extend the vacation for a day or two. Welcome to work and stay at Villa Design.


Utsikt från Björnrike, boende

The three-floor private villa with 16 beds divided on 1000 sqm contains two apartments and a suite. Offering 8 bedrooms with divisible King size beds, all with their own bathroom. The villa has four kitchens, one with a restaurant kitchen and a conference space with room for up to 50 people.

The villa offers a generous communal relaxation area and three more saunas, one for each accommodation unit. The relaxation room and sauna have a lovely view of the surrounding mountains and national park. In addition, the massage room offers the possibility to book your own masseur.

The conference room at Villa Björnrike can accommodate up to 50 people, and the generous living space in the other parts of the villa enables space for conferences, training and kick-offs.

We will, of course, help you put together a complete package with conferences, accommodation and activities. Moreover, with our sister house Villa Design, unique opportunities are created for conferences in the Swedish mountains.



Villa Älgö offers something extraordinary. The historic estate was built in the 1940s in the archipelago of Stockholm. The 10-bed private Villa, with a spacious country kitchen and a glass porch overlooking the bay, offers plenty of space for creative talks and conferences. 

The sauna house is just a few meters from the Villa, down by the water. With a beautiful view over Ingaröfjärden, you can relax on and swim from our private bathing jetty. 

The Villa is located close to Stockholm's most beautiful outdoor pool, Saltsjöbaden Friluftsbad, as well as Saltsjöbaden Golf Club. 

Nacka municipality in Stockholm's inner archipelago also offers the famous museum Artipelag. The museum presents cross-border art exhibitions, inspiring activities and a magnificent restaurant with views over a few of the 30,000 islands and cobs in Stockholm's archipelago. 

The Villa is located just 30 minutes from Stockholm City, and Älgö is accessible by car, taxi or rental. Just 40 minutes from Bromma Airport or one hour from Stockholm Arlanda Airport. Public transport from Stockholm City is also available all the way out to the Villa. 

The house's private boat dock also allows arrival by boat.


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